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Receive Personal Transportation Services

Rely on the caring staff at ABC Home Care LLC to provide your loved one with transportation to and from their therapy or doctor's appointments. This privately paid services can restore freedom to your loved one while still providing safe and care-oriented transit and guidance.

As a senior adult or individual with a disability, you'll appreciate our friendly and caring transportation services that can help you maintain your loved one's freedom. You can schedule transportation to get rides to social gatherings, beauty salons and more with help from ABC Home Care LLC.


Call Paralea Furniss to discuss your options.

Stay mobile from our trusted team

Medicaid doesn't always provide transportation and you don't want your loved one taking a privately paid taxi. Let our team take your loved one to his or her appointments.


If your loved one is physically disabled or blind and needs help reading things like labels or sizes, our aids will help guide them through these appointment. Contact us today!

Get the assistance you need

Our caring aids are dedicated to providing safe transportation for any appointment your loved one has.

Locally owned and operated, call today.



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